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The normal day for a Watchdog is an all-day event at the school. If you are unable to commit to the 7+ hours of the typical Watchdog day but would still like to be involved, feel free to email the Top Dog, as arrangements can be made for half-days or partial days at the school. We would rather have more dads involved in some capacity than insist on having full-day volunteers only.

Apart from student arrival, mid-day recesses and lunches, and student dismissal, your schedule can be fairly flexible. Spend time in your child's classroom, or pursue activities or subjects of interest to you, even art, music, or PE. If you're ever unsure where to go next, be sure to ask in the front office if any teachers have special requests for the Watchdog, or help out in the library with Candace Ballantyne. On Fridays at 2:15 PM, the Watchdog will be in charge of gathering the recycling from the classrooms with the help of students.